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Alternator Repair, Starter Repair, Generator Repair-- Alpine Auto Electric 

If you are looking for an alternator repair shop, Alpine Auto Electric in New Glarus Wisconsin rebuilds Starters, Alternators, Generators and DC Motors and our specialty market is farm tractor starters and generators.  Antique tractors to the modern farm applications are all a very large part of our core rebuilding business.  Rebuilding or standard alternator repairs as well as custom high Alternator Repair | New Glarus Wisconsinoutput alternators are all part of the available services at Alpine Auto Electric.

When we receive an alternator for repair, we like to have a one-on-one relationship with the customer about the problems they are experiencing with the unit, then we bench test the Starter or Alternator to verify the initial complaint. Most of the time we find the unit is not working, but occasionally we may find a working unit. At that point it could be other issues like battery condition, cables, grounding issues, etc.

The alternator on your vehicle provides power to operate your lights and all electric accessories on your car and recharges the battery after starting your car.  Because an alternator has a "Duty Cycle",  jump starting your car without charging the battery is very stressful to the alternator and is recommended only in emergencies. 

An alternator is an A/C generator. Early automobiles had DC generators. The reason manufacturers went to alternators is that they are capable of providing higher amperage output.

A generator produces direct DC voltage and needs no internal electrical components.  An alternator produces three phase A/C (alternating current) and then converts it do D/C voltage through a bridge rectifier consisting of positive and negative rectifier diodes.   Alternator repair requires more advanced testing equipment to assure a quality repair and Alpine Auto Electric has what it takes to complete any type of alternator repair, small or large.


Alpine Auto Electric is here to help you with your alternator repair, even if problem is not in the alternator or starter.

Alpine Auto Electric ships UPS. We can ship up till 4:00 PM Central time. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Cards.

Alpine Auto Electric is open Monday thru Friday 8-5. Saturdays, by appointment. Toll free 866-338-4423.