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Alternator - Generator and Starter Rebuilding
The Tear-Down Process at Alpine Auto Electric

After the unit has been diagnosed and compared to the customer’s complaint - we now get in the tear down mode.

Units are stamped for housing position. We then will tear down (disassemble) the unit. Some units will get a digital pic taken during tear down. In some cases, we like to show the customer how bad these units actually were in. Other cases of Digital pictures are to identify complex wiring scenarios. This helps in the reassembly process. Also eliminates warranty issues.

This generator is completely disassembled before the cleaning process.

Generator disassembled for rebuilding

Armatures and Rotors are analyzed and checked. If they pass all of our electrical and physical tests, then slip-ring or commutators are turned on a lathe to make them perfectly true again, Generator commutators are undercut and polished on the lathe.  All bushings and bearings are pulled and replaced with brand new premium bearings and busings. Alternators with built-in voltage regulators get all new voltage regulators. The rectifier bridges are load tested and checked for any weaknesses in any of the diodes. Rectifiers are replaced approximately 90 % of the time with new premium parts.

Each electrical unit getting rebuilt in our shop has a work order affixed with the unit. No units are batched together. Every customer can feel comfortable they will receive the exact unit that they brought in for rebuilding.